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If somebody think it is prohibited is wrong . There are no any rule , that we can not to drive naked . I do not know how much thousent km I drived in the nude. some another pics
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Whenever I happen to stay in a hotel during a business trip, the time spent in the hotel room is one hundred percent spent naked.   some another pics 1 2 3
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As I record on a musical instrument which is an electric guitar, of course I prefer to do it in the nude .
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Combining the pleasant with the positive. Some approach it with reserve because of ticks. And meanwhile naked is the safest because such a tick can be immediately seen on naked skin.   some another pics 1 2 3 4
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Most I walk alone but sometimes with organized group of naked hikers. If alone I prefer fields or wood way where not to much people . some another pics 1 2 3 4
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Since several years I drive very well bicycle. Great thing . some another pics 1 2 3 4
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Nothing better as work naked.
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Camping is one of my naked activity.   some another pics  1 2 3  
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They are just like us an integral part of Nature.  some another pics
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Being naked in the snow can be very pleasant. It should be windless, the temperature slightly above zero and sunny. Of course, you have to be reasonable about how long you stay naked so you don't get hypothermia. Great scenery for naturist photos. some
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